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Move To Amend Meeting Des Moines

What: Move To Amend Des Moines
Date: April 13th
Time:  7:00 PM
Where: Plymouth Place Apartments at 41st & Ingersoll, Des Moines (Ground Floor meeting room)
Contact for more info and RSVP:

We will be planning some awareness demonstrations for April and May 11th, during this meeting.
We are organizing for future ‘awareness campaigns’ and mobilizing more cities and counties to pass resolutions to end corporate personhood and eliminate money as “free speech”.  Come join the movement and let YOUR voice be heard! 

Victory in Lee County!

Congratulations to the activists in Lee County and thank you to the Lee County Board of Supervisors which unanimously passed a resolution that calls on Congress to overturn Citizens United.  We’d like to issue a special thank you to the  Lee County Working Iowa Neighbors Committee, which reached out to folks and built support for the resolution.

We are even making a buzz in the local media

So far,  two counties in Iowa and four towns and cities have passed resolutions calling for an amendment.  Word about the problem of money in politics is spreading quickly.  We are continuing to build momentum and support all over Iowa state.  Get involved and sign up to help your area!

Thanks again  to Supervisor Gary Folluo for introducing the resolution, and thanks to Supervisors Ron Fedlar, Rick Larkin, Matt Pflug, and Don Hunold for voting in support.

Sign Up to Help Pass Resolutions to Get Big Money Out of Politics in Your Area

Lee County Resolution Meeting

Lee County is going to join Blackhawk County and the city of Des Moines on our list of recent victories!

On Tuesday, April 7, the Lee County Supervisors in Iowa will be taking up a resolution very similar to the one passed in Blackhawk County.

The meeting is at 9am at the Sheriff’s Dept in Lee County:

2530 255th St, Montrose, IA

Show up and support the resolution calling for an amendment.  The more people we have in attendance, the louder we’ll be able to cheer when the resolution passes.

Victory & Upcoming Events!


Des Moines is officially the 5th municipality to officially call for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United and rein in corporate power in our democracy. Congratulations to Des Moines Move to Amend which led this fight!

We’re not stopping there, several other municipalities are planning to take this up across the state – sign up for Iowa Resolutions Week – to get updates and/or attend an upcoming event to get involved. Democracy is for people, not corporations, so let your voice be heard!

Meetings include:

Des Moines

What: Fools NO More: Expose Corporate Corruption
Date: April 01, 2015
Time: 12:00 PM
Where: Capitol Building, Des Moines, IA 50319
Contact for more info and RSVP:


What: Sunlight on Democracy Rally
Date: April 02, 2015
Time: 5:30 PM
Where: Federal Building 131 E 4th St, Davenport, IA 52801
Contact for more info and RSVP:, 563-594-4480


Iowa City

What: Movie: Money Talks. Plus Campaign Transparency
Date: April 05, 2015
Time: 1:00 PM
Where: Iowa City Public Library, 123 South Linn Street Iowa City, IA 52240
Contact for more info and RSVP:, 319-646-6712


Des Moines

What: Move to Amend Meeting
Date: April 13th, 2015
Time: 7:00 PM
Where: Plymouth Place Apartments (Ground Floor meeting room,) 41st and Ingersoll, Des Moines IA 50312
Contact for more info and RSVP:



You may sign up to get active and help pass a resolution in your town. Sign Up!


Des Moines Residents! Call your council person now!

Call your council person and demand that they stand up for democracy.  Ask them to commit to voting YES and pass a vital resolution calling for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United.


We have been close before, but this time momentum is in our favor and the city council will pass our resolution if we show our support for it.


You must ask your council person to vote YES:

If you live in Des Moines, call your council person this week (March 2-6th) and ask them to commit to voting YES:

West side (south of University):  Chris Hensley 255-4715 

West side(north of University):    Bill Gray  274-0077 

East side:  Bob Mahaffey 266-6825 

South side:  Joe Gatto 404-2626 

At Large:  Chris Coleman 276-7644 

       **Mayor Cownie & Council person, Skip Moore, will be voting “yes”.   

Make sure you ask them to COMMIT to voting yes. 

Upcoming Events: Davenport and Cedar Rapids

  Get involved at these locations near you!


What: Pay 2 Play Screening
Date: Thursday, February 26th
Time: 6:30 PM
Where: New Ground Theatre, 2113 E. 11th Street, East Davenport, IA 52803
Contact for more info:  Tracy Leone,

Cedar Rapids

What: Pay 2 Play Screening
Date: Thursday, March 12th
Time: 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Where:  Mt. Mercy Library Viewing Room, 1330 Elmhurst Drive Northeast, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402
Contact for more info:  John Zakrasek,

Victory in Black Hawk County!

Congratulations to the Communications Workers of America and Americans for Democratic Action for their success in making Black Hawk County the first Iowa County in the state to call for an amendment to overturn Citizens United and get big money out of our elections!

The resolution also called for the Iowa state legislature to pass a law to require transparency and ban secret election spending.

The movement to make Iowa the next state to call for overturning Citizens United and reigning in corporate power in our democracy is heating up this winter.

Sign Up to Help Pass Resolutions to Get Big Money Out of Politics in Your Area

Communities from Des Moines to Waterloo are gearing up to protect our democracy from an attempted takeover by billionaires and Big Business.

Sign up to join our next Iowa community call so you can learn how you can get involved in the movement to get big money out of politics.

Sign Up to Help Pass Resolutions to Get Big Money Out of Politics in Your Area

Democracy for the Common Good – A Call to Action!

Date: Saturday, February 7

Time: 9:30 – 1:30 P.M.

Place: First United Methodist Church, 1001 Pleasant St., Des Moines, 50309

As part of the Governing Under the Influence Campaign, the AFSC is hosting a public forum that will include workshops on campaign finance reform and passing resolutions.  John Nichols from The Nation Magazine will be the exciting keynote speaker.

Come to the First United Methodist Church to learn more about campaign finance reform and to learn how you can play a role in passing an important local resolution!


Davenport Organizing Meeting

Date: Wednesday, February 11

Time: 2:30 P.M.

Place: 1706 N. Brady St.. Davenport, IA 52803

Come to the Davenport Organizing Meeting to talk about strategy and how Davenport can become the next city to pass a resolution supporting an amendment to overturn Citizens United.  

Talk to people with some experience with local politics and learn how you can play an important role in passing a local resolution.  If you have questions call: (563) 322-8870.