Iowa Caucus: A last minute appeal

Tonight is the night history shall be made.

Tonight is the night Iowans ignite the official primary season and put two prospective candidates on their first concrete steps to the White House.

Tonight is the night of possibilities not only in regards to the presidential primaries but also in issue choice that will dominate the primaries and beyond. And that is why Iowans must ensure that the U.S. Supreme court’s  Citizens United and the larger issue of money in politics  becomes a central topic of this entire election cycle.

Tonight is the night Iowa has an opportunity to lead our democracy not only in the primary but in our republic’s own self-preservation. Our democracy is under attack by wealthy and corporate forces that want to turn our democracy into their own private multi-billion dollar playground. With unlimited campaign donations and limited transparency these billionaires threaten to turn our government into an oligarchy in which money, not votes, is the true determinant. The process is already well under way but every election where large donations prove decisive is another nail in the coffin of the notion of truly representative government.

Tonight is the night Iowans must lead the fight against the oligarchy and for democracy.  I call upon the citizens of Iowa to go to their caucuses and submit resolutions across the state calling for the overturn of Citizens United. A combined, coordinated call of repeal across the state will serve to ensure the issue is fresh on the mind of other citizens and politicians across the nation and put these big interests on the defensive.  The campaign finance reform movement has already achieved success in the last couple months and with Iowa leading momentum can build further.

Tonight is the night Iowa has the chance to take a major step  in saving our democracy. At your caucus call for a resolution to clarify that the US Congress has the authority and duty to set campaign finance limits, and that corporations are not people, nor is money speech. Or use text from one of our other successful Iowa resolutions.
Best, Kyle Flanders