Iowa Ranks 26 in “Health of State Democracies” Report

The Center for American Progress recently put out a report analyzing the quality of democracy in all 50 states. “The Health of State Democracies” covered three broad criteria: accessibility of the ballot, representation in state government, and influence in the political system. The democratic experiences of different states varied greatly. 22 individual factors were analyzed and can be seen below.

Iowa ranks #26:

Accessibility of the ballot: B-

Availability of preregistration for 16/17 year olds No
Availability of online voter registration Yes
Availability of portable voter registration Same-day registration
Availability of in-person early voting Yes, with mandatory weekends
Availability of no-fault absentee voting Yes
Voter ID Laws No ID Necessary
Voting wait time in minutes 7.5 in 2012; 5 in 2008
Provisional balloting rate 0.31% in 2012; 0.28 in 2008
Participation in the Interstate Crosscheck System Yes
Motor Voter Implementation performance Middle-tie

Representation in state government: D

Felony disenfranchisement laws Prison, parole, probation, and post-sentence
Ballot initiative laws No to statute initiatives, or popular referendums, or Constitutional amendment initiatives
District distortion In 2012, Republicans had 25% more seats than they should have based on vote totals
Female elected representation 32%
Communities of color elected representation 6%

Influence in the political system: D-

Campaign contribution limits for individual donors Unlimited in statewide or gubernatorial races
Availability of public campaign financing No
Campaign disclosure laws 50/120 on Money in Politics scorecard
Revolving door bans 2 years (highest)
Open legislature data C
Judicial recusal laws 40/100 on Judicial Recusal Laws scorecard

The full report can be found here.