Rating: Iowa poor at tracking special interests

Citizens of Iowa – this article should be a call to action! Iowa leads the nation in the Presidential primaries; it should lead the nation in campaign finance reform as well. It’s time the Iowa Legislature passed strong disclosure legislation.

“Iowa’s practices to ensure transparency in lobbying earned an F in a recently released investigation by the Center for Public Integrity, a nonprofit investigative journalism organization.

The survey examined various measures of transparency and accountability in state government. IowaWatch.org was involved in conducting the survey of Iowa government agencies.

The category earned one of Iowa’s two failing grades. The other went to the Judicial Branch.

“Ultimately, I would like to believe that the power still lies with everyday Iowa citizens,” said Adam Mason, state policy director for Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement Action Fund. “Unfortunately I feel that by and large that isn’t the case.”

He said most Iowans don’t have time to visit the Statehouse every day and track legislation that goes through its chambers, making it hard to counterbalance the influence of lobbyists.”

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