Victory in Cedar Rapids!

Tuesday at noon, Cedar Rapids City Council became the 9th Iowa locality to call for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United and rein in corporate power in out democracy.

The former Republican Speaker of the Iowa Legislature, Cedar Rapids Mayor Ron Corbett voted “yes” with the rest of council, which further indicates that campaign finance reform should not be a partisan issue. The mayor also expressed interest in passing disclosure legislation for the city.

We only need 3 more localities to pass a resolution in order to meet our goal of 12 by July 4th. We need to make a huge push towards targeting as many towns as possible in the coming weeks, and this can only happen with your continued support and outreach. Remember to check out the Tools for Activists section for more information and pointers on how to work towards passing a resolution. Every town or county that passes grows the consensus that we need to get big money out of politics and we need to do it now. Given how big money is already shaping the 2016 elections, this issue is more important than ever.